LED neon signs: How are they different from traditional neon signs?

by New Era Neons

LED neon signs (as the name suggests) is made of a stripe of LED lights encased in molded silicon, which is then shaped to any design imaginable. The LEDs in the sign emit light, which is then diffused by the silicon casing to give the familiar neon gas glow.

Traditional neon signs, on the other hand, are created by filling a glass tube with Argon gas and then shaping the sign into which ever pattern is desired. Electricity is used to heat the Argon gas, which then emits light that we all recognize as neon lights. Due to the heating of the gas, the glass tube can become very hot and a protective covering is needed to ensure nobody gets burnt by the sign.

Since LED neon signs do not heat up gas, they do not emit heat and are, thus, safer to handle. LED neon signs are also made of materials that are recyclable, as well as consume significantly less electricity, thus making them more environmentally friend when compared to traditional neon signs.

LED neon signs allow us to enjoy that neon glow that we are all familiar without using too many resources. So get your LED neon sign from us today!